Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Query re blocking to size

After getting gauge on 3.25 mm needles, I have now knit four repeats of Chart E on the sleeve (80 rows). However I have been dismayed to find that the sleeve is far too tight. In part this is because I chose to knit the Small size, after reading the posts here. But when I look at the diagram, even the small is supposed to be 11 inches at the cuff. My sleeve cuff is about 2 inches smaller than that. Dismayed at the idea of starting over again, I tried pinning the sleeve out to 10 inches at the cuff, and 15.5 inches at the top (row 80) and wet blocking it. After leaving it to dry, the sleeve is remaining at this measurement and now fits. But the knitting looks rather stretched out to me, and the purl stitches are gaping around some of the extreme cable bends, so I'm kind of thinking that I shouldn't be blocking it out that wide. I'm not a particularly tight knitter, and I did get gauge, so I don't understand why my sleeve is coming out so much narrower than the pattern.

So my query is: when you knit your sleeve, was it the final measurement immediately (e.g. 11 inches at the cuff) or did you have to block it out wider?


Lauren said...

I'm not done with mine, having only knit the peplum and one sleeve, but I can tell you that my unblocked cuff is nowhere near 11 inches. It's closer to 9 or 9.5.

Knitive said...

I agree with Lauren...I've just finished increasing the 14th times and I am stuck with the inc. 15st (not quite sure how to do that, but since I quickly realize that this is probably not the place to seek for help, more like a display of accomplishments, I will have to search the net for answers, or some how hope that I could figure it out myself) I do agree with Lauren that my sleeve measures about 9 or 9.5 too unblocked.

Sharon said...

My too was smaller around the sleeves and I blocked it out wider than I would normally do. However It fits me so I continued on as it didn't pose a problem for me.