Sunday, December 30, 2007

Getting Started ...

Well, after a couple of false starts, I'm finally getting the hang of it and have about 8" done on my first sleeve. I love the challenge and complexity of the pattern and the fact that it stretches me beyond the fairly simple cabling I've done thus far. The Jaeger yarn is a dream to work with, as well as very easy on the wallet ... I highly recommend it! I wanted the sleeves to be less baggy than shown in the pattern, so I cast on for size small, with increases every 10 rows, but will actually end up knitting a size large, to accommodate 'the girls' and my behind. More info at my blog here.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

New Member

Hi everyone,

Thanks for inviting me to participate in your KAL! As you can see, I've already got my yarn all set to go. It's the Jaeger Extra Fine Merino in 'Blue Star', which was one of my Christmas presents to myself and just arrived this week in the mail! I have 20 balls, so if I decide to lengthen it, or have any problems??, I'll at least have sufficient wool.

As some of you suggested, I'm in the process of writing out the pattern, firstly because my printer is doing strange things to the pattern, but secondly, I want to make sure I'm understanding it all. I've been writing out the charts from the online pattern, as my printer isn't picking up a lot of important details ... :P*****!! I was going along fine until I reached panels B & E (I saved the long ones 'til last!) and I tried to determine the difference between 4-stRC/LC and 4-st RPC/LPC. For the life of me, when I look at the pattern on the computer, I can't tell the difference on the charts between them ... the icons all look identical. (And yes, I am wearing my glasses, which was my husband's first response).

Could someone help me out by perhaps either telling me which panels have which cables, or better yet, if you happen to have it already typed out and are willing to share, would you kindly leave me a comment on my blog here, with your email address and I'll send you mine. I'll make it worth your while :)

**Update December 21st ... all is well! I tried the super, duper printer at work and everything printed off perfectly this time, so I'm good to go! **

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Brown belle

I am so in love with my belle. I finished it over a week ago after knitting all but the sleeves twice because the bust was too small on the small size. I finally made a small peplum with a medium yoke and made it to fit me. I have more details of the modifications on my blog

p.s. I will be wearing this sweater a lot!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Ready to cast on

I got my yarn (Elsebeth Lavold Classic AL in dark teal) from Webs and am itching to cast on. But I must finish the holiday gifts first!


I've noticed that many people have extended the peplum, which I intend to do as well. But being a "busty" gal, I'm more concerned about the top fitting. I'll do three buttons, as I've read about here, but would you suggest any other mods? I'm thinking of doing the sleeves using the size S instructions and the front and back with the size M, though I haven't looked closely enough to see whether that's possible.

Thanks for any advice you have! All of your Silver Belles have been so inspiring!