Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sleeve question

I'm making my Silver Belle with its parts in different sizes to accommodate my large bust. I knit one sleeve in size Small and think I'm ready to start the yoke in Medium, but even at 18 inches the sleeve seems short to me (and looks short on the VK model too).

So here's my question: Where should the top of the sleeve hit my body? All the way to my armpit, or with some space? I'm afraid if I stop before it's flush against me then the yoke will be tight around my torso and will pull the sleeves up from my wrist.

Maybe I'm overthinking this. Silver Belle is the first sweater that I'm actually customizing to fit my body.

Thanks so much!


Sereknitty said...

I go by the armpit to wrist length, however, you could always make the sleeve as stated, and then, if by chance it is a little too short, simply add a similar cable edging to the one shown here in a previous blog entry.

Lauren said...

Good idea, probably better than what I'm doing. Since I actually put a seed stitch border on the cuff already (because I hadn't seen the cable cuff when I started), I think I'll make the sleeve long (armpit to wrist) and if it's too long, take out the seed stitch.

Thank you!

Ellen said...

I agree that the sleeve seemed too short, so I knit until the top of the sleeve reached my natural shoulder. I haven't assembled everything yet, but have tried on the pieces clipped together with butterfly clips and the sleeves seem right, without an added cuff.