Friday, January 25, 2008


I've completed one sleeve/front combo and am almost finished the 2nd one. Things are going quite smoothly now, and the pattern has become 2nd nature to me. As I mentioned before, I'm making the sleeves size small, but the body size large. I folded the sleeves in half and tried them on to ensure that they'd fit, and they're perfect. I increased as it said for the sleeves, every eight rows. Then, when I got to the part where I have to add stitches to begin knitting the front, I simply increased so that I had sufficient stitches for the large size (evenly dividing the increase stitches on both sides). I think it's going to work, but you never know, until all is said and done!

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Virtuous said...

Thanks for the update & tips Serekitty! ;oD

Yours is coming along nicely!

Keep at it!

Sheila said...

Its looking good.

Lauren said...

It looks great! I'm working on sleeve #1 now, and plan to increase to the medium size for the torso. Seeing others are customizing the pattern that way too continues to give me confidence. Thanks!

Shanna Nerdin said...

I just found the silver belle patter and love it. I can't seem to get the cable pattern correct on the sleeve. I've double checked the chart, and am knitting what the chart says, but it still doesn't look right. Any suggestions? Help!