Sunday, October 28, 2007

Silver Belle Look-a-like

I'm home from my trip, for a few days before heading off to Shanghai. Didn't get as much done on the planes as I was hoping because flying through Europe, they don't allow knitting needles! I had to check-in my carry on so that they wouldn't take them away from me!

My next trip I should be able to continue knitting, thank goodness. My knitting is looking good. I have almost finished the bottom peplum and I have half a sleeve.

Anyway, I was looking through the newspaper ads & noticed that Kohls is having a sale & right on the front cover is a cardigan that is definitely a ready-to-wear version of the Silver Belle! It has the 3 buttons though instead of the 2. I may have to go to Kohls just to check it out a little closer.

Of course, the knitted Silver Belle is the most beautiful as it has lots of texture but I thought it was interesting. Obvioiusly this is the thing to have for the upcoming winter season!

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Virtuous said...

Hey Cindy glad you gave us an update about your SB. Hate you couldn't get much done while you were traveling.

Can't wait to see your progress pics!!

But thanks for the heads up on the "look-a-like" of SB. I went on Koh;'s website and didn't see it...I will be on the lookout for it in my Sunday's paper