Monday, October 29, 2007


I have been happily knitting away since I returned from London & suddenly realized that I've made an error. I'm going to have to undo like 8 rows! I'm not happy.

BUT, looking closer at other's photos, my cables are not the same as others. I do not have a lot of experience knitting cables but I do know how to do them & I do know how to read the patterns for them so I'm not sure if I've done something wrong or if others have decided to do their cables differently.

I'm referring to the Panel B cables. My cables look like they are twisted. I actually love the look of it & was very happy with it. Unfortunately I was not reading the pattern correctly for the last 8 rows & for 3-st LPC I was only cabling one stitch instead of 2 stitches. Therefore I have to undo the last 8 rows :(

But why do my cables look different to everyone else's, i.e. twisted, not smooth like the Panel C cables? Have I totally screwed up the whole thing? I'm going to keep doing it because I like it but just thought I would ask to see if anyone could explain why my cables look different. Thanks.


Virtuous said...

It may just be the type of yarn that you are using that is giving it a different look.

Sorry you have to frog back those 8 rows, but it is looking good so far!

Liz said...

Yours is looking good, it's an individuality thing!!! If you like it, keep going, I say! Shame about your 8 rows, just do it quickly!

Cindy said...

OK, turns out I'm twisting my cable. And here I thought I knew what I was doing! But so far I like it so it is staying. I will post pictures soon. Still trying to get over jetlag.