Monday, October 01, 2007

I'm new to blogs. This is my first post. I was so excited to learn about other knitters working on the same pattern at the same time. The finished Silver Belle's that I have seen so far have been fabulous. I have dreamed of this pattern for a long time but did not come across it until now. My dream of it is as a duster....a below knee length coat.

I can follow the pattern but I don't know how to adapt the pattern to make it at least Peplum 20"longer than it is. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I love the cable trim that some of you have put on. I also like the idea of 3 buttons instead of 2. Thanks for those ideas.

I chose to use a neutral color and am using Bernat's Cashmere in Earth. I'll see if I can post a picture.

looking forward to future posts.



Virtuous said...

Welcome to the KAL Bezzie!

Thanks for your intro post. I wish I could help you with the alteration of the SB into a duster but I have no idea! I will be thrilled to finish it just as it is!! Haha!

We would love to see a pic of your CO and yarn! I am sure it is pretty yarn. I need to look up that yarn suggestion since I am still researching what I will plan to use!

Keep posting!

Cindy said...

I'm not an expert at knitting but if I was wanting to lenghten the pattern, I would start with the cable pattern. To make it about 20" longer, you are going to need more width and a longer cable pattern. If you look at Panel B you will see that the cables actually decrease in size & amount of stitches.

I would take the largest cable (the first 20 rows of Panel B) and make a wider cable below that, maybe even 2 or 3 more for adding 20" in length. This will require you adding more stitches to the initial width.

I hope you can understand what I mean. If not I'll try to explain it another way. I think it should be nice in the longer length although you are going to need a lot more yarn!