Friday, September 07, 2007


Hello all, just checking in to give you my progress shot and let you know what I have learned.

I have both sleeves finished, and thought that I had the peplum finished. However, when I held all of the pieces up to me, I thought the peplum was too short. Therefore, the peplum went back onto the needles and I will add a couple of inches.

Also, from this point, I have used all 14 balls (recommended amount) of the cashmerino aran. I don't know what has happened, but it has been eating yarn like crazy. My gauge is correct, but for some reason I have been flying through this yarn. Thank goodness my sister was nice enough to give me hers and I have enough to finish. Therefore, I recommend buying a couple of extra balls, if you decide to use the cashmerino aran, just in case.

Have a wonderful weekend........and could some one PLEASE show us a finished photo! :)


Virtuous said...

YAH!!! Thanks for posting your progress and that is really good to know about getting extra yarn just in case b/c that would be my worst fear of running out!!! *gulp*

Great job on the sleeves! Did you knit 2 of them at one time?

LOL! Yes I would love to see a finish photo posted too! They SO would get a prize! LOL :oD

Brahdelt said...

You chose a lovely colour! I'm more and more into blues recently.
I agree that the peplum should be done longer, mine is definitely longer than the one in the photo!
I'm finishing the collar as we speak so I promise the finished Belle's photos tomorrow! ^^