Friday, September 07, 2007

possible problem with the back panel.

I hope when I can produce some photos of Anne's finished Silver Belle that my description will benefit from an actual view of it, but here goes: the back panel is sewn in. Therefore inelastic and therefore tends to pull the rest of the back up a little, so that the horizontal cable around the middle will come up in a slight arrowhead shape with consequent pulling of the part below it, of course - this is not unattractive in the opinions of those who have so far seen it, but if you don't want that to happen, maybe there is a way around it...maybe that panel can be made slightly longer to make up for its inelastic finish.

I don't have a clue as to whether this will expert knitter who was with us when the finished garment was formally unveiled suggested something like that could be done.

Anyway, perhaps it is food for thought.

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Virtuous said...

Definite food for thought. That would have never came across my radar about the back being inelastic and pulling on the cables/garment