Friday, September 21, 2007

Just Starting

OK, I have decided that I want to give this a try. I have been a knitter since I was 5 but I have never made something with so much pattern. Time to expand the horizons. It is really nice to have a place like this where others are knitting the same thing. Helps when you have questions. Thank you to those that set this up.

I couldn't find the Debbie Bliss yarn so I'm using something similar. This has a different twist which I think will be interesting. I have never done a K1, P1, K1 in the same stitch before. Not sure if I'm doing it right but it seems to be looking ok.



cathyC and anneW said...

Cindy, I was thinking of using this yarn too, so I will be interested in your experience.

Virtuous said...

So glad you joined the KAL Cindy!!!! Yah!! :o)

And your CO looks great! Love the color!!

Cindy said...

So far I'm happy with the yarn. It is more inclined to strand a little where you miss one strand of the yarn but it is a pleasure to knit with & so far it looks great!

Liz said...

Looking good so far! That is such a pretty colour!

Glad you joined the KAL, it's great that we all have each other's experiences to help us all through it! We should all have an international meet up at the end, and have a picture take of us all wearing our Silver Belles.

Ok, I know that's optimistic, but I can dream, can't I??

bezzie said...

Love the idea of a meet up.

Who knows? Stranger things have happened.