Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Hello, everyone!
I'm so glad people keep joining this KAL, because Silver Belle is a great pattern and should be made and worn all over the world! *^v^*
My name is Joanna, I am a knitter from Poland, my blog is here: FriendSheep, and Silver Belle is my second ever sweater. ^^

Let me write a few words as an encouragement for those of you who just started this design or still hesitate to do this - it's a great piece!
How do I know?
Because I've almost finished mine! *^v^*

Here is the peplum - and here is the colour I've used, deep violet/purple, it depends on the light and it's rather difficult to take a good photo of.

I used Polish yarn called "Zorza" which is a wool/acrylic blend, and 4 mm circular needles (60 cm long). I knitted the peplum in size M and the sleeves in size S (I didn't want them to be too wide), but I added some repeats of the pattern because I'm tall and I have long hands. Btw, I was knitting both sleeves at the same time, because I wanted to avoid the "second sleeve syndrome", in this way it took me longer to finish them but I have both of them ready at the same time! ^^

Both sleeves and the peplum are blocking as we speak. No photos, because my camera does some strange things with the colour of my Belle, and pieces blocked are not that interesting after all - what's more interesting is the final result! ^^ I even bought the buttons today.
All what's left is to sew them into the sleeve form, sew them with the peplum, knit the missing parts of the peplum and the collar. Sounds like not much, right? But the sewing knitted pieces together is my biggest fear...
Can you recommend to me any good tutorial on-line, please?

And good luck with your Belles, I cannot wait to see all your colour choices! *^v^*


Sheila said...

WoW!! its coming along nicely and beautiful color choice.

Virtuous said...

Joanna! Thanks so much for posting an update of your Purple Belle!

You are definitely at the finish line and we can't wait to see it!

We really appreciate all of your tips but most importantly your excitement to get us roaring on our own belles!! :o)

I wish I could help you with the tutorials but I am not aware of any either and this would be my 1st sweater too!

Just take your time and it will all workout! Don't feel like you have to rush either!

lillysmuul said...

I'm dying to see your pics !!!Peeking into your blog every day to see some news.8)
I have seen some great tutorials with images about sewing pieces together in net somewhere,but....

craftylady said...

What a pretty color! I can't wait to see it all finished and sewn together.

Liz said...

I loved to see your sb!!!! You make me desperate to start mine NOW! I love your colour too. Good luck with sewing together. My most hated part of knitting. If you type some keywords, google brings up a few sites with useful tips for this part. Knitty also has some on line tutorials. What clothes size are you? I'm not sure whether to knit large or fiddle with guage to make mine even bigger than large. I am well proportioned boob size, but not elsewhere and want it to fit my chest but not drown me elsewhere! Well done you, though!

Brahdelt said...

Thank you, guys! I've already googled up mattress stitch and I'm giving it a go tonight.
Liz, I usually buy tops in size M, if they are stretchy, or L if they are buttoned up blouses or jackets.
I got the correct gauge and knit the peplum in size M, and when I put it around me it seemed way too big... but it's supposed to be like that, I think, and I hope to take it in while sewing it with the yoke parts.

janice said...

yeah, my peplum is soooo big on me, too, and it's an S. can't wait to see your finished sweater!