Monday, September 03, 2007

Hello Hello!

We are SO happy and excited about each and every person that wants to join the KAL!! *squeal* <------ Literally we squeal! :o) It is our first time hosting a KAL, so anyone that is interested in joining just gets us all happy! LOL

There are many of us who will not be able to get started this month and that is perfectly fine. You can start whenever it is best for you! We are just glad you are here!
But in the meantime, we would love to know who you are, as I am sure others that joined would like to know too! :o)

Please say "Hiya" and introduce yourself!

If you would so kindly reply in the *comment section* with your name, blog site (if you have one - no matter how often you update! :op), and if you have casted on yet for SB - if not when you hope to cast on!

See! Easy Peasy! 1-2-3 GO!!


The_Add_Knitter said...

Greetings to all from Pennsylvania!

I am Heather and I am very excited about this kal as I think that I'll have a lot of questions about this pattern.

I cast on for the SB yesterday (although I really had no business doing so as I have *cough* MANY wips), and am doing it in an aran weight yarn (Naturally Nazareth) on size 9 needles. As the pattern is written I would've needed to do a large, but because of the substitution, I am doing a small.

Happy Knitting to all!


ladysmithknitter said...

Sign me up for the Silver Belle KAL! This was the only pattern in the entire issue I wanted to knit.

I'm Anne from Ladysmith, Virginia. Obsessed knitter and new spinner. Haven't cast on yet, still swatching from the stash, trying to find the right yarn to use.

Pattern 'blog' @

Thanks for letting me join in.

craftylady said...

Hi! I am Carol and I have been wanting to knit Silver Belle for a while. I am so excited to find others who are knitting it as well. I am using the cashmerino aran in a teal color. I have already cast on for the right sleeve and yoke and have knit through one ball. (Now I need to go back and buy some more)I will try to get a picture soon.

Sally said...

I tried to edit my post but it didn't work -- I accidentally deleted it! Sorry.

I had been trying to explain that I was having trouble directing people to my real blog where all of my posts about my Silver Belle reside. I finally figured out how to do that, I think. Maybe you all already know how to do that. Anyway, if you click on my name you'll get taken to a page where you can either click on "My Web Page" or click on "theraineysisters." If you do the latter, there is a link to all my Silver Belle posts.

Sorry to be so cumbersome; I am not used to how works.

Anyway, I have finished the peplum and the right sleeve and yoke. I based them together and if you go to my blog, you can see how it looks. I'm almost finished with the left sleeve and yoke as well.

It looks great!

Carmela said...

Hi- My name is Carmela and I actually saw and fell in love with the Silver Belle on Sally's blog before I got my copy of the magazine. When I saw it again...I knew I had to make it. I ordered the yarn in the silver and expect to receive it this by the end of this week. While I should be finishing a ton of other started projects...I know I'll swatch and hopefully cast on for this one as soon as I receive the yarn. I am looking forward to being part of this KAL and hoping it will help me complete this project!!

Chronic Ennui said...

Hi, my name is Kim. I cast on for this sweater on 9/1 using Berroco Ultra Alpaca. I'm so happy to hear that my friend Heather would have needed to make a large also. My LYS women convinced me to make the large, which I am, but I am pouting - A LOT! I love this yarn so much. I have most of the peplum done already.

Can't wait to see everyone else's progress!


Sheila said...

Hello All,
My name is Sheila, I'm excited and nervous at the same time about the Silver Belle, which will be for my daughter. I'm a new knitter, but feel I need to try something challenging. I haven't selected a yarn yet... any suggestions.

Virtuous said...

Hi Kim

If you have an e-mail address we would love to have it! Please send it to us at Thx!

We can't wait to see some pictures of your progress! Don't worry about the size, that's the beauty of a hand knitted garment...just sew an XS label in when you've finished it!!!!

Keep us posted!

Stacey & Liz
Silver Belle KAL Co-Hostesses

lindar said...

Hello! Love the work and info so far of this KAL. I am looking forward to joining in the fun!