Friday, September 14, 2007

Silver Belle in French!!

We received this message today in our inbox about a Silver Belle KAL in French!

Check them out by clicking Here

This is wonderful to hear that an international KAL is going on as well!!

Here is the exactly e-mail message:

"just a little message to tell you that in french, we are starting a KAL around Siver belle

My english is so bad (and few of us dont speak english) so we cant join your blog.

Happy knitting and congratulations for all your Silver Belle.

Kokolat.(sorry for my english)"

Isn't that just wonderful !!I love it! :o)

Thanks so much for stopping by to leave us a message Kokolat!

You can actually Translate the Webpage by copying blog web address and Clicking Here and where it says "Translate a web page" page the web address.
"Select from French to English" language option. Then click on 'Translate'! Viola!! :o)

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