Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Silver Belle Almost Finished

I'm knitting Silver Belle out of Debbi Bliss Cashmerino Aran. I had enough in my stash, which was a nice surprise. I've made a lot of progress on the sweater in the last few days. I finally finished the left yoke this afternoon. I've basted the entire sweater together to see how it looks.

This is a view of the back -- you can see the gap where the middle cable panel will be continued. You can also see how I reversed the direction of the twist on the four-stitch cross cables so that the two halves of the back would mirror each other.

A couple of views of the front. Again, I changed the twist of the cable on the left yoke.

There is a lot of finishing on this sweater. I still need to seam the sleeves, knit the back cable panel, sew in the yokes, knit the front bands, sew on the buttons, and pick up and knit the collar. I think I'll work on something else tonight and save the finishing for tomorrow (not that I will have it finished in one day. I won't.)

If you want to see all of my posts on Silver Belle so far, and how I've modified the pattern, you can visit my blog.


Brahdelt said...

That was very clever of you to change the direction of the cable, I didn't think about that... I love the colour you chose!

Virtuous said...

Sally I am SO glad you were able to post on the blog! YAH!!!!

I think you and Joanna are the farthest along in this process!

How about I didn't realize there was a back cable!

I think I have officially lost my breathe because I believe I have bitten off more than I can chew!!

And how do you reverse the cable pattern so that they mirrow?? Aah my goodness!!! *wants to puke now*

a friend to knit with said...

Yes, very cleaver to change the direction of the cable!

lillysmuul said...

Hi Sally!
you have done great job!
I keep peeking into your blog every day to see your progress ;),it keeps me going!
Thanks for sharing!
I didn't bother change the direction of the second cable because they are not visible at sametime anyway!;)
(always looking for easier way ;))

Kellie Huffman said...

Holy Crap! Almost Done! See what goes on when I am to busy to check google reader!

That is so beautiful. I must get this started. I must have it. I don't plan to get yarn until latter this month. I can't wait!

Sheila said...

OMGoodness you have advanced considerably... totally stunning. I've been carrying the pattern around and keep wondering about the 300+ cast-on....yikes!!!

Liz said...

Wow, that is looking sooooo cool! I'm glad to have you ahead of the game, as things like changing the direction of the cable wouldn't have even occurred to me! Looking good though.

I can't wait to get started.

You do realise that you and the other guys who are well into this knit will be receiving a shed load of questions pretty soon, as we all get going with it??!!!