Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hello from Jura

Hello ladies, and thank you for letting me take part. I joined a long time ago as I saw this knit-along announcement on Ravelry, but was agonizing about what yarn to get for my Belle all the way until last Friday, when I ordered Jaeger Extra Fine Merino Aran in “Persian” color from Cucumberpatch in UK. Thank you, Beverly, for I wouldn’t have known about this seller without you leaving a note on this blog! The yarn has arrived and I am very glad with trusting this choice. It is beautiful yarn.

My name is Jura, I am a Lithuanian currently living in Sweden (my blog is lacking anything crafty). I’ve been binge-knitting since the age of 5 (to illustrate, I had a 2 year long hiatus recently after I failed a similar to Silver Belle project – it made me so upset!). Yet the biggest needles I ever used before are 3mm. So, even if I cannot commit lots of time for it, I hope for a (relatively) Quick Belle! I am starting today in the evening.


Sheila said...

Hello Jura and look forward to your SB.

Virtuous said...

Welcome Jura!!

Ooh so fun to get yarn in you really like!! I bought some yarn from Cucumberpatch too and they are great! I may have to look into that yarn for my SB too!

Can't wait to see some of your CO and WIP pics!!

Have fun with SB! Lots of other tips/notes on here too from other knitters that finished up their FAB Belle!

Liz said...

I have ordered some yarns in the Jaeger aran from Cucumber Patch today. They have so many great colours I had to choose 4 and I'll pick one from those. Martin at the shop was really helpful.

I told him we have a KAL and his shop has been mentioned, and he was really pleased. (No discount....although it is already heavily discounted I suppose!)

I'll post colour choices when it arrives!

BeverlyH said...

Wow Jura- I'm glad that my link about Cucumberpatch has been so useful for you and others! I wish I was on commission but it is such a good price already I don't really mind too much! I've still not finished my Peru Naturals cardigan (life intervened) but am on the sleeves now so not long to go. Also got my Ravelry invite today so I'm going to be very, very busy.